Dear College Crush

Dearest college crush, You are so damn beautiful holding all those Harry Potter books, reading them with gusto, bringing them wherever you go; from the other side of the world somewhere in the central park in Manhattan to those old imperial castles in South Korea. Seeing you holding that blue paperback, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix brings me back to the college library, hiding the book in those obscured bookshelves so that no one can check it out while I wait for my library privileges to be active again. Or that semestral break where I got charged of over baggage in the plane because I checked out all the HP books and brought them home only to read them again. I am such a fun, I admit that.

But what made me smile really is the fact that, of all the girls I liked before, you are the first to have taken interest of the series that inspired me to read books, novels and somehow shaped me to become the story teller that I am today. That’s a really big deal for me. And it ached so much that we are living in a different universe, where I admire you from a distance, hoping that by staring at your picture so intensely, I could break into that void that separates us (This is exactly what Harry did when he missed Ginny so much. Watch out for this detail in book 7) .

Dear college crush, I’m really hoping that someday we get to meet and talk about these books and somehow share what we thought of it. Like we used too, back in the dorm, back in those breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and that faithful day that we played badminton until sunset.

Until then college crush. If somehow we don’t get to manage to see each other in this lifetime, maybe we get to see each other in King’s Cross station, platform nine and three quarters. And if that happens, I’ll make sure to get lots of pumpkin juice, butter bears, cauldron cakes and that whole lot of sweets the train lady is selling, for I know we have a lot to talk about.


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